Resistances Begone - 112

Resistances Begone – Myrna Ain

In sync with the Spring, I have felt a wonderful new lease on life but it’s not just about the weather.

Recently Kris has offered a number of ideas which, when taken together create a blueprint for smoothing our operations here in the material world. Even though we are just visiting, it’s nice to have a roadmap.

The ideas are simple and powerful;

1 – We are the flow of All-That-Is,

2 – We are eternal knowledge and bliss,

3 – All our aspects and our whole Self is a vast resource we can call on,

4 – Expressing the innate joy of being who we are, drives all of this.

So my friend Myrna and I sat at Starbucks and figured out a way to engage in projects, but in a different way than we were familiar with. We both have many years of experience (conditioning) with conducting various kinds of projects in the business world, but this is going to be different.

Myrna helped me to see clearly that I had withdrawn from doing projects for several years because of fear. I have learned so much from Kris, Seth, Elias – and the list goes on – learned so very much about who I am and how the whole thing works. And I am anxious that if I engage a new project at this point it will trigger all the old conditioning; plan your work, work your plan, best practices, marketing and etc.

These new projects – we are calling them meta-projects – are going to be conducted according to proper metaphysical principles according to our understanding of what Kris has shared. As much as possible we are going to keep them clear of any old conditioning that limits the possibilities.

fire-escape-plan_image-FBIn order to do this we have adopted the idea of setting up a fire escape route as Kris talked about it at the last Meetup. The idea is to create, in consciousness, a procedure we can use to defuse a potential situation and return to our preferred state.

I came up with this scenario. Firstly, recognizing that my perception of conditioning was that it was a huge wad of bad stuff hanging over my head, waiting to fall down on me. I changed this perception to the idea that any particular expression of conditioning was like a reaction that was triggered in the moment. Not a huge wad over our heads but an old program that gets triggered intermittently by external events.

The process was to ask our many aspects, along with ourselves as the whole Self, to kindly come to our assistance with turning off, or neutralizing this trigger so we could go back to using metaphysical principles.

This is the process we have developed…

1 – We embark on new projects committed to using our new understanding.

2 – We ask for help from our many aspects, and our whole Self, in defusing any triggers of old conditioning when they come up.

3 – Rather than perceiving old conditioning as a great wad of stuff hanging over us and weighing us down, we see the old conditioning being triggered one issue at a time, and with the help of Self and our various aspects, we are able to defuse each one as it comes up, like turning off a light switch.

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