It is a common idea in the new age that the external world is a reflection of our inner world. Sadly, after sharing that insight, the topic becomes very vague and fractious.

What kind of reflections becomes the issue. We all experience reflections in our lives; the mirror in our bathroom, the windows of stores we are passing, all give us an image of ourselves as a physical expression.

This is only our expression in the material world though, at the most gross and physical level. Meanwhile, this same World also reflects other aspects of ourselves. After all, we are not principally physical beings, we are eternal spirit souls and the Worlds that reflect this back to us accommodate these transcendental qualities by including unknown and infinite aspects.

Our experience of ourselves, and thense the world, is the particular recipe of our personality we are choosing to express from a basically unlimited array of options, and there is no right or wrong, or judgement of any kind involved in this.

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