Finally Got A Fix On Co-Creation


Co-creation has always been a lively and maybe slippery idea, sometimes this and sometimes that. Very respected ghosts and dead guys have proclaimed that co-creation does not exist. Either you create your own reality or you don’t.

Many more feel certain that our reality is a group effort, and our friends and neighbours – and enemies! – are all contributing to the realities we experience. This is a popular perspective but it is very compromised and full of papered-over difficulties.

This week Kris helped me to finally get a good fix on the idea of co-creation. He pointed out that we are individual and sovereign parts of a truly huge number of aspects, and probable selves, and counterparts and whatnot. The ‘you’ in ‘you create your own reality’ is actually a stunningly vast panoply of seemingly ‘other’ aspects, who all share selfhood with us.

Of course, we encounter uncounted other entities beyond this familial gestalt, but it is this almost infinite co-operative of identity and beingness that is the ‘you’ who is creating your reality. Each family or gestalt of consciousness is the ‘prime mover’ from their perspective, in the co-created reality they all share. Co-creation at its finest.

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