Raw Walnuts And Real Salt


I started eating walnuts because they are supposed to be healthy. Just a few walnuts a day prevents something bad… or several things actually.

By the way, and caveat emptor, not to say spoiler alert… walnuts are expensive and getting more so, and nobody is apologizing for this, or offering any reasons, or even excuses. Where I buy them (Metro) they are 10 bucks for a pack, while the very same package is now selling for $13.99 at Loblaws.

Anyway, walnuts, for some reason, are offered raw and unsalted, so I add some nice pink Himalayan salt, or more likely, Real Salt with 80 trace elements and whatnot. It’s actually nice to be able to add my own salt and not be shy with it. (Turns out I love the taste of salt, better than sweet actually. I have been known to lick my finger and dip it in the salt bowl.)

Here is my amazement though. These beautifully salted walnuts create a taste in my mouth that actually seems to go transcendental. They are spectacular! The world stops when I have a mouthful, it’s all we can do to remember to breath.

Relishing these astonishing sensations on my tongue, resonating with the energy of raw walnuts and good salt, elevates my mundane perceptions of the world into the timeless and eternal realm of limitless possibilities.

Kris has recently told us that our senses are not limited to the physical apparatus and may offer openings into other realms of experience.

Imagine walking down the sidewalk knowing that your senses are offering perceptions and information from everything around you; from the bird in the sky, from the sky, from the trees and even from the pavement beneath you feet. All potential corridors of meaning and connection.

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