Reality Relativism


What happened to the values of truth, common sense, and fairness in the public sphere?

The news is something else too. Not so much news as spin. There’s always an obvious angle, or a position being pushed on the viewer, who has already made their choices about which worldviews they like, by the ‘news’ outlets they choose to consume.

Whatever channel is chosen though, almost all of them still maintain, sometimes with obvious difficulty, that they are presenting the ‘truth’, an accurate picture of an objective world ‘out there’.

What Donald Trump has brought us is a complete disregard even for pretending that what he says is true. Normal journalists eventually just gave up tracking all his false statements, flip-flops, and the just plain nonsense that comes pouring daily from his mouth, or his tweeter.

On another level though, Trump is challenging us to look at our own point-of-view about many things, some perhaps we have not been attending to, and then make up our own minds about how we feel, and what kind of reality we want to live in.

This is the agenda of The Shift.

The Right sometimes gets very upset about what they call ‘Moral Relativism’, but wait till people get acquainted with the idea of ‘Reality Relativism’!

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