Floating Down The River Of Ideas


Here’s a funny thing about how my brain is working lately. As a fairly clever lad I learned how to work the ideas of logic, math, history, science, and biology pretty well.

Physics, philosophy, astronomy, and driver education were simply expansions of these ideas. And it was in this atmosphere that we learned how to think sensibly about stuff according to the powers that be. Get the details, make a list, work it all out, and see where it leads.

What’s happening now is a little different. Now I don’t have to chase down every detail of something to get a feeling about the whole thing, and sometimes that seems to be enough. ‘Touch lightly and move on’ seems to be a new theme.

For instance when I think about something that is going to happen tomorrow, I just touch on it lightly with my mind and if I get the feeling that everything’s potentially okay, I drop it, rather than feeling I need to iron out every detail and possibility yet again.

Somehow I can get what I need even from an emerging issue or idea without getting into all the details. Fully articulated ideas seem to float through my consciousness like barges or steamboats down a river, and all I need is to touch them lightly with my attention to learn whether they are worth pursuing, or whether I should just let them continue floating down the river.

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