Go With The Flow or Choose Something Else?

Let’s not kid ourselves here, ideas have a life-force, and they begin to follow their own patterns and sequences when we give them energy.

Kris has offered a number of powerful ideas lately and I am really enjoying watching, and even nurturing, their fuller and fuller expression in my consciousness.

One idea is that the Universe is tilted in our direction. By this I mean that the Universe is not only safe, but is offering us whatever we need. To expand, and grow, and refine our consciousness and understanding. Not only that, but the Universe is constantly stimulating and enticing us to more fully express and enjoy both our potential and our innate beingness.

The upshot of this idea is that an attitude of acceptance and allowance is our best stance regarding what is happening to us, because the Universe is tilted in our direction and serving our needs in ways that we can never fully understand. So ‘going with the flow’ is the way to go.

Contrast that line of inquiry with the idea that we are each unique individuals who are responsible for the choices that we make. Our autonomy and ability to make choices is a key element in our being.

It is through these conscious, personal choices that we shape and mould the experiences that we have. Nothing is fated or a foregone conclusion because we can always choose something else, another probability more in line with our preferences.

Does anybody else see some tension here, between these ideas?

In any given situation, perhaps a challenging one, what is my best approach? To accept and allow and realize that this is a gift from the Universe, even though I might not understand it now? Do I ‘go with the flow’?

Or do I assess the situation and make an evaluation, and accepting responsibility for having created that, make a new choice, moving my attention and concentration to something more aligned with my preferences?

I know my friend Kris well enough to anticipate his answer, “Both!”

Of course, then the issue becomes, when do we go with the flow, and when do we assert ourselves?

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