Okay, Let’s Think About This…


Okay, let’s think about this for a minute…

All the channeled sources agree on this, “You create your own reality.

Seth, Elias, Kris, Abe, Bashar, all the big guys are in total agreement on this. I am creating my own reality right now and that means all of it, personal, universal, inner, outer, whatever reality I am perceiving here and now is my own creation.

Elias says that the next step is for us to begin engaging our reality with this knowledge firmly seated in our mind. So what would that look like?

Kris has said that when we understand that who and what we are, is always more than anything we perceive or comprehend in any given moment. This opens many doors of possibilities.

And to wrap this up for now, Elias has recently said that we mistakenly believe that many of the details of physical life have their own agenda, while in reality everything we are perceiving has a sort of unity at its foundation and that unity is our expression, and energy expressed anywhere is energy expressed everywhere.

Apparently we are all beginning to understand these thing and apply them. So what would that look like?

– – – –
Sorry, but I don’t know where I found this image… Lovely isn’t it?

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