What If Everything Is Okay?


More than okay actually. Keeping in mind our amazing creative abilities, is everything actually good and exactly what those involved want to be creating?

Just pulling together a couple of ideas that Kris has shared with us lately. The first one is that focusing on our natural joy in being ourselves, will dissolve our conditioning and bring us into real appreciation of who we are.

Secondly, Kris pointed out, actually it was Thër-ulin who said this…

“THËR-ULIN: You see when you realize that you all create both personal and universal environments in realistic terms, utilizing the beautiful agencies of your mind, instead of allowing yourselves to feel that everything that happens to you is the result of external forces, then you begin to create enlightened situations.”  KRIS – Consciousness – The Adventure Continues – Session 1 – April 11, 2016.

And in fact, Elias has recently emphasized the same thing, as Source we literally create, not only our personal experience of reality, but the Universe itself.

Okay, if in fact we are absolutely creating, in ‘realistic terms’, our personal and universal environments, what does that mean for us as we navigate daily life?

Point one: if we are creating every bit of our experience, then we have two choices, trust ourselves and go with the flow of our creation, or suspect everything, including our own motives and try to protect ourselves.

Point two: we must have some influence here, even if it is just the ‘small’ us who is living this focus. Holistically we are all aspects of Self, as well as being an essential and integral part of the whole Self, so ‘we’ must certainly have some say about what happens in our lives – a seat at the table at least…

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