Balance is Dynamic


As some of you may know, we have been playing with the tendrils of consciousness for a while now. I consciously extend them multiple times every day, to explore a feeling in my body, to reach out to the crescent moon, to feel into the moods and tones of multiple aspects of my experience.

This has been very helpful and revealing as other post attest, but I realized something today that was kind of nice and unexpected. I am using the tendrils of consciousness to balance myself in the various realities I am experiencing, and this balancing effect is really nice.

Kris recently commented that these tendrils of consciousness that I have been playing with, could more properly be described as cordellas, á la Jane Roberts and Seth. Cordellas are the deep and powerful patterns of meanings and connectivity that form the basis of meaningful sequences, and alphabets, and creativity, and currents of coherent activity and experience.

Now that I have experienced the value of this balancing effect, I project the tendrils of consciousness – or follow the cordellas, however we might think about it – in a vast expansion of acknowledgement and awareness that effortlessly extends itself  throughout this entire physical now, and also penetrates through all the holes in consensus reality to the intricate ideas, beautiful desires and innocent intentions behind it all.

The balancing effect of doing this cannot be overstated.

Curiously, extending my awareness in all these directions eventually focuses my attention, in a much more peaceful frame of mind, on myself and what is going on around me, and the meaning of the choices we have before us. Hmmmm…

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