Playing Leapfrog In Consciousness


Out on the back deck just now we felt the earth move, as it were.

It was cloudy but you could see the dark sky between the clouds and there was a bright star overhead. The tendrils of consciousness could hardly wait and surged out towards the star without much intention from me.

It was a revelation to move my attention there – vast galaxies and endless suns and a very ‘Hubble telescope’ kind of perception. And then it got really fun…

Having established ourselves, in some way, into this star cluster, without much thought I extended the tendrils of consciousness from this new vantage point, and it was clear that from here the direction was totally inward.

From this huge and deep perspective, this grand display that we find before us could not possibly be accidental or even have a physical source.

And meanwhile, wow, it was amazing to reflect back, from this point of view, on that tiny blip in another galaxy that is who I used to think was me.

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