The Next Step


Exciting times! Apparently we are all collectively taking the ‘next step’ in this Shift in Consciousness. Assuming this is true, what would that look like?

Elias has said recently that the next step is to move from simply understanding that we create our own reality to actively engaging our reality with that understanding…

“This is the next step, is not merely being aware that everything around you IS a reflection of you, but now moving that from an intellectual concept – that everything around you is a reflection of you, and that you merely know that in words or idea – but moving that into the next step of being interactive with it; of recognizing it, and also that it moves you farther into the direction of recognizing your interconnectedness, for that is a significant piece.” Internet Group Session – Feb. 28, 2016

So how would we interact with reality from the perspective of recognizing it as our reflection? Does this mean no more red lights and a parking space in every block? Maybe…

It will be interesting to hear Kris’ perspective on this very topic in his next Skype seminar…

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