Who Do You Think You Are?


All my life I thought knowledge was about stuff outside myself.

My senses certainly gave me knowledge about the outside world but that was just the start. Then there were teachers, and books, and cultures, all giving me the benefit of other people’s sensory knowledge.

To be fair, they also focused on thoughts and ideas and some of that was great. (Maths have always fascinated me, geometry alone… but don’t get me started.) Philosophy and anthropology and poetry all promised knowledge and delivered, sometimes helpful, knowledge about the outside world.

Somehow though, I was always the observer in all of this, the guy learning about this stuff, but not yet personally involved, or evolved. My ignorance was an insatiable hole that needed to be filled before my opinion mattered, even to me!

Lately, something has shifted. Recent seminars by Kris, channeled by Serge Grandbois, are the immediate cause, but you know about cause and effect. Not quite the same in simultaneous time. (A ‘future’ event can ‘cause’ a ‘past’ or ‘present’ event.)

Meanwhile I have discovered and am starting to experience the truth that I am the font of all knowledge, but that knowledge is about ME.

This may sound a bit egotistical but the reality is that discovering more, and more about who I am and the potentials I share, is vastly more helpful than any knowledge or experience expressed in the physical realm. (Perhaps because ‘who I am’ created the physical realm?)

What is expansive and revealing for me is new understanding about some wonderful, dear feeling I could share, or some unexpected new power and potential we have not yet explored and developed.

Two reasons for this. First, we all actually create our entire experience of reality straight up. So, of course, the reality that WE create is all about us. (Everybody else creates their own reality too, by the way, so it’s not ALL about us. 🙂

Secondly, is it possible that we, as a human species, have a tendency to forget who and what we are? Why else would all these channels, and aliens, and guides, and goddesses, and idiots and savants, keep harping on this theme?

Maybe we have a tendency to think we are something we are not and need reminding. Are we, in my case, a male Canadian of 66 years, living in Toronto, Ontario and semi-retired? Or are we an eternal spirit soul relishing full knowledge and bliss in yet another wonderful new way?

Quick reality check: Who do you think YOU are?

– – – – –

 I wish I could give credit for this image. Isn’t it amazing? I see something in the lower right corner but I can’t read it.

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