The Simple Idea Nobody Wants To Hear


This is actually fairly big. The idea here is that there is a simple, foolproof solution to every problem and issue facing anyone – and we are not overselling this.

Okay, so what is it?

If the only main rule is, ‘You get what you concentrate on.’ then the way forward is clear. Concentrate on what you want. Of course, this is sometimes a teeny bit more complex.

Leaping forward in our discussion, so why do we concentrate on what we don’t want?

A million reasons of course, but basically, for the most part, we aren’t paying attention to what we are doing (and the energy we are expressing). If by some mystical arrangement, we were able to pay attention to exactly what we are doing, even for an hour, it would make so many things clear.

Nothing is hidden, but if we choose not to look, that is another thing.

Let’s get used to our attention effortlessly gravitating to that particular thing that we want in everything we create. There has to be a pony in there somewhere right, or why did we create it?

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