One Dish At A Time


I wanted coleslaw today and all we had was half a green cabbage and whatever was in the door of the fridge.

Amazingly, it all worked out!Shredded the cabbage on a mandolin into a large bowl. In a smaller bowl I mixed a cup of Vegenaise (vegetarian mayonnaise substitute), a couple of squirts of rice wine vinegar, half a teaspoon of turmeric, several glugs of sweet hot sauce, salt and pepper. (okay the spices were not in the door of the fridge)

This golden, fragrant dressing was poured over the shredded cabbage and everything was mixed well.

This tasted good immediately but it has been sitting, covered, in the fridge for a few hours now, and it tastes amazing! I don’t need to make dinner. A bowl of this and some good bread, toasted, with butter… all we need.

New Plan: I will make just one dish every day that is interesting and adventurous, and also what I really want to eat that day.

Today it is coleslaw. Yum!

Tomorrow? I think maybe something with butternut squash.

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