You Are The Event Horizon Of Your Life

SCIENCE Hole 124069

Not even sure what an event horizon is actually, but here is the story.

Relaxing in the back room just now, I took a peek at what the tendrils of consciousness were up to. Perhaps a word about what these are.

I have discovered that I can send tendrils of my consciousness out into the world, the past, the future, other worlds, and even into my inner worlds. These tendrils are multidimensional and limitless and their full powers have yet to be revealed.

Anyway, I have been having a lot of fun lately sending out these tendrils of consciousness, into the past, into situations I am involved with, into dreams, into trees and birds and water. They have revealed some pretty interesting things.

Their appearance was predated only briefly by the realization that since I create the world, I am connected to it in an intimate way. It is a reflection of my energy and, in a way, as much ‘me’ as me. This has been an exciting and fun discovery.

What I saw when I checked in with these tendrils of consciousness was that they were relaxed into an array around me like I was poking my head out of a huge energetic ball, almost like the black hole at the centre of a galaxy of vast potential and variegated energies.

The thought came unbidden, “I am the event horizon.

– – – – –

Honestly the illustration seems a bit weird to me. Almost like I am in a space ship and looking out the window.

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