What If This Is As Good As It Gets?

JPEG image-1E1177AD9ECB-1

In the current Kris seminar, he has asked us to imagine a beam of energy and data flowing from the past behind us, through our heads, and out towards the future in front of us.

The point he made is that we are more than our past, more than our present, and more than our future even, which caught my attention. We are more than anything that can ever happen to us.

This idea snagged my attention because I had been harbouring the idea, pretty much unconsciously, that sometime in my future I would come into my full powers and understanding. I would become my real self, who I really am, at some time in the future.

During this session, Kris pulled the rug out from under that belief leaving me with nothing but who I am, here and now. This is it folks.

For some reason this reminds me of that wonderful movie with Jack Nicholson called ‘As Good As It Gets’. In the titular moment of the film, he asks a horrified waiting room full of patients at his psychiatrist’s office, ‘What if this is as good as it gets?’.

Jack may have been right, except ‘as good as it gets’ turns out to be pretty darn amazing! I don’t have to wait for some more evolved time in the future when I become who I really am. I can be who I really am anytime. Like now.

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