Getting To The Root Of Things


This little story is about widening our perceptions beyond the physical.

Every day as I leave the house I pass two lovely trees and on Kris’ suggestion, acknowledge them as living beings in my reality. I have been doing this for years. Through all the seasons I have observed these trees. Now they have leaves and offer welcome shade, now they are barren and bending down with ice and snow.

So it was basically automatic to extend my new toy, tendrils of consciousness, as I greeted my friends today. And wow! What a response!

The tendrils of consciousness wrapped themselves around both trees and explored every branch and twig. In a moment the whole thing was lit up with glowing, effervescent energy, but what surprised me was that the roots in the ground below the tree also lit up.

Both trees had almost as much root system below the ground as they showed above ground. It was like looking into the earth and seeing for the first time the actual full extent of each tree. My friends for many years were showing a new part of themselves.

After walking past them, and acknowledging them to the best of my abilities for years, I suddenly saw this other aspect, the root system, and it immediately occurred to me that the roots were actual tendrils, just like the tendrils of consciousness I had sent out to find them.

Turning towards home, I looked down the street and saw all the other trees lighting up in the same way, including their root systems, and it was only a short jump to realize that all the trees on earth share this secret life. It is almost like they are the velcro that is holding the sky onto the earth.

I thanked the trees for their beingness in a whole new way, and got to thinking. Was it possible that by engaging only what I could see with my physical eyes, I was not dealing with the full reality of things?

Was there an underground aspect to all of reality, not just trees, something not visible to my physical senses, which provided stability and nourishment to the parts I could see?

Turns out these tendrils of consciousness may offer some surprising and expansive new perspectives.

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