Gift Given : Job Clear


Reaching Out With A Tendril Of Consciousness

Yesterday’s realization was that I have all these tendrils of consciousness flowing around me connecting me with everything.

Since my perception of the material world is a reflection of the energy I am expressing, it makes sense that I have a living, breathing connection with everything I perceive. It’s alive.

Yesterday I was satisfied to use these newly discovered tendrils of consciousness simply to explore and acknowledge my universe, but today something else happened.

A friend was supposed to get together with me after postponing yesterday and I wondered if he had forgotten. Sending a text seemed a bit pushy so without thinking much about it, I sent out a tendril of consciousness.

Interestingly, I still didn’t want to bother him, even ethereally, so we just had a happy moment and acknowledged each other. So of course, you know what happened next. Within two or three seconds my phone beeped as the text came through.

Now, here is the interesting part. I know how long it takes to compose and send a text, and this one must have been started BEFORE I sent out the tendril of consciousness. So who was tendrilling who?

This means that the answer to my question was ALREADY coming my way, even as I started to ask the question. Expanding this, we see that the Universe not only faithfully answers our questions, but the answer is there for us even before we get it together to realize we have a question and ask it.

This is one of the better explanations I have seen of the importance of acceptance and allowing in our relationship with All-That-Is. If the gift is already given, our job is clear.


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