Tendrils of Consciousness


I woke up this morning with a new sense. No kidding, for whatever reason, this morning this new sensibility came upon me and I am bound to describe it as best I can.

This is what I am perceiving; from time to time, and quite often in fact, I sense or imagine tendrils of energy and consciousness extending around me in all directions but especially in and around whatever I am focusing on at that moment – very organic and active streams of energy, dynamic and responsive to my attitude and attention.

What caught my attention is the instant and glorious extension of these tendrils of awareness wherever I direct my attention. They frame the door I am passing through with vibrant, colorful streams of energy that are always changing. They move forward, backward, inward and outward, very transcendental and multi-dimensional.

What I have discovered is, currently anyway, these projections in consciousness do not seek to change anything. The function and purpose of these wonderful, living extensions of my energy is engagement and understanding.

For instance, as I came up to me apartment this afternoon with a few things from the grocery store, unbidden, this effervescent energy starts sending tendrils of exploration and discovery down the street in front of me, into my place, up the stairs and into the front room, the kitchen and bath, and the back room.

It feels like I am sort of laying things out before myself – like putting the clothes I will be wearing today on the bed before I get in the shower. Feels wonderful.

And as I pass the two trees that I have been noticing and acknowledging for years, these tendrils of affectionate energy reach out, and then branch out, to embrace these dear old friends in a new way. Feels fantastic!

Just about everything I did today – even now – these tendrils of energetic potential are floating around me, just drifting as I write this, waiting, like eager dogs, for me to throw something out for them

What charms and heartens me about this lovely development is that I did not consciously create this. It just happened. Thanks to All!

I found a bunch of images that sort of show some of this and will include them below… but since none of these really show what I am feeling – these potential energetic filaments hovering around, waiting to be directed somewhere… anywhere…

My plan is to create my own custom image of this as time permits

– – – – –

April 5, 2016… Here is what I have come up with so far… living, helpful, eager appendages of consciousness at our beck and call…


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