The Thesaurus Tool

Using The Thesaurus to Clarify What We Want

A wonderful new understanding emerged when I read Elias’ recent Internet conference. He said a few things that started to string themselves together in my mind and the immediate result is this Thesaurus Tool.

Just to quickly bring us all into the same understanding, Elias said that we create EVERYthing we experience including our inner reflections to ourselves. (this could be read as an endorsement of our reflective nature and the importance of taking a few moments every day to reflect)

Secondly, everything we create has some aspect within it that we like… or why would we create it? And then the sucker punch for me was when he started playing with words.

A participant in the session was wondering what swollen feet might mean and Elias asked what other ways there might be to express ‘swollen’. The participant almost immediately realized the issue was his desire for expansion – another way of expressing the idea of swollen. Of course, the participant was amazed by this revelation.

Word-play like this catches me immediately. I am a sucker for fun with ideas and their relationships. So I consulted and started looking a few things up. The results thrilled me with the possibilities.

First I searched ‘swollen’ to check if Elias was onto something.


As you can see, the idea of swelling includes the ideas of enlargement and increase. It struck me that these were also the most positive words in the list, and a methodology suddenly suggested itself.

What if we looked up the word that describes our problem (swollen feet) and then looked for the most positive words offered on this website as synonyms?

Just for fun I investigated the page further and found this…


Very exciting to see the exact word that Elias and the participant focused on – ‘expansion’, (and I am starting get really intrigued by the idea of ‘billowy’).

So now comes the big test. I thought about my recent foot issues (involving orthotics and such), and also my chronic back issue.

So I looked up ‘tingling’ because that was my present experience of my feet…

The process is to identify the positive words, and there they were. So THIS is what my tingling feet are telling me about what I want to do – to be thrilled and excited and have goose bumps. (I have always loved getting goose bumps)


Further down the page on this wonderful site was the following tid-bit about the word ‘atingle’…


So this is working great! Now what about the back issue?

I boiled down the feelings about my back to ‘fragile’ and ‘unstable’ and looked up these two words.

Fragile turns out to have a few positive words, or at least neutral ones, like delicate, fine and insubstantial (I like that one).


And further down the page I spotted this…


So this is what my back is telling me I want! Totally resonates and sounds like big fun!

Next we searched on the word ‘unstable’…


Lots of positive or neutral words here but the one that captures my imagination is ‘capricious’…


There are lots of wonderful qualities here that I would love to incorporate and increase in my current expression.

Assessing the experiment, I have an exciting new understanding of things. My tingling feet are telling me that I want more tingle in my life, and my sensitive back is telling me that I want more imagination and flexibility in my life.

Wow, this seems to actually work!

Step one – identify one word that accurately describes it.

Step two – look up this word on

Step three – find the positive or at least neutral synonyms.

Step four – these words describe what you want.

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