Observing And Enjoying


Since we are transcendental soul, we are always more than the sum of our parts. More than the totality of our past. More than anything that may ever happen in the future. Kris is helping us to understand that we are always more.

Contemplating this can sometimes induce an almost heady feeling that we can do no wrong. Sadly this is not totally the case, we can be willfully obtuse and we can also waste energy in futile endeavours.

Yes, we are transcendental soul, and yes, we are also responsible for our expressions, in the sense that we are compelled to respond to ourselves and what we have created. We cannot just sit in the balcony and watch.

This realization adds a wonderful new layer to understanding physical experience, indeed any experience, whether physical or psychological. There is an inherent duality in these experiences. There is the events and circumstances themselves, whatever they may be, and there is another platform that is more than any of this can ever be, where we find ourselves observing and enjoying.

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