Effortless Tuesday Evening


One of the ideas that has always appealed to me about Conscious Creation is the concept of effortlessness. Apparently our reality creation activities are effortless which really works for me.Seth has talked about this, as has Elias and also Kris, of course. It was Elias I think who pointed out that this did not mean lack of activity, but instead activity that was motivated by interest and enthusiasm, which can be thought of as ‘effortless’ in the sense that we do not need to expend any effort to do these things. We are viscerally motivated to do them and it would be an effort to NOT do them.

So the question I am asking myself is, ,“What are you interested, and even enthused about doing right now? In a perfect world, what would you be doing right now? Is there a way of doing even a little bit of that right now?”

What is starting to really amaze me is the way this lovely Universe responds to respectful, allowing kinds of engagements that then inevitably include expressing our unique preferences and desires. And guess what…?

The only ‘effort’ required is relaxation, acceptance, cooperation and joy.

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