Niacin Makes Me Happy

B3 Niacin(1)

I am no stranger to the effects of drugs, and we’re not talking coffee and sleeping pills here, but niacin is not a drug in that sense. It is a necessary nutrient and essential component of the human body.

Recently watched “That Vitamin Movie”, and got a lot of great orthomolecular information. Not the lease of it was the understanding that niacin was helpful, in all kinds of ways, but particularly with certain conditions of the mind, including schizophrenia.

I followed all, or most, of the suggestions made by this movie (getting enough organic beta-carotene turns out to be a challenge), and have enjoyed some impressive results. The big news though has been niacin.

Before going on, I should mention that various gum and tooth issues have all but disappeared in the face of ten grams of vitamin C every day!

But niacin is even better! I find that niacin makes me happy! Of course this sounds like addiction and drug abuse. (We must be very vigilant about anything that makes people happy!)

The thing is though, niacin is just a vitamin that everybody has at least some of in their bodies right now, even though many of us may be deficient and consequently suffering side effects, such as: blah, blah, blah, depression!

Simply having enough of this vitamin in our physical bodies improves the way we think about things and experience life. Run, don’t walk, to the nearest pharmacy or health food store and get up close and comfortable with enough niacin!

One thought on “Niacin Makes Me Happy

  1. My grandpa used to be a violent abusive man and literally constantly angry until grandma gave him Niacin!!! It’s seems a little weird to me too. Now This all happened before I was born so I’ve never known grandpa to be anything other than his mostly jolly self with a slight intolerance for miscommunications that he sees as a inability to listen to what he says but NEVER violent. But the stories mom and grandma would tell me makes me cautious. I came across this article doing research and attempting to find anyone else with similar stories.


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