You Can Eat Potato Chips Slowly


Just spent a lively hour with Kris and the gang and, of course, the result is an acceleration in consciousness. (why am I reminded of that lovely Stephen Leacock phrase ‘riding off in all directions’?)

So the image that leapt into my awareness was me on a bus between Toronto and Owen Sound. I am about 20 years old and only recently learning to pay attention to myself and what is happening around me.

We are on a bus in the 70’s in southern Ontario. Certain realities emerge along with their sounds and smells – the passing farms and small towns, once you get out of the city – the sky getting darker and the lights coming on.

But the thing that caught this 20 year-old’s attention was how the stylish young lady, in the seat opposite and ahead one, was eating her chips. She had one of those little half bags that you get at bus stations and I swear it took her twenty minutes to eat this little bag of chips.

She would take one chip out of the bag and hold it in her fingers for a few moments as she perused the book she was reading, then slowly place it in her mouth and munch on it audibly. The whole exercise was mesmerizing.

Meanwhile I knew that little bag of chips would last about a minute in my paws as I pulled out the most I could handle in about three gropes and stuffed them into my mouth. This is what I understood about eating potato chips.

I would be lying to say that this has changed how we eat potato chips today. First of all, I hardly ever eat potato chips these days, but there are parallels with other foodstuffs, of course.

What has happened is that we are now allowing a much wider range of possibilities around eating anything, chips included, and this is an approach that is actually expanding the joy of eating as well as the joy of just being who I am.

Turns out that when we give our divine, god-given attention and natural abilities to anything, it gets better and better. We can’t help it – this is the glory and the curse we have to bear – everything we think about, even in a casual way, just gets more and more and better and better.

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