Today’s Joyous Secret


Kris has recently set out a great challenge for us.

“The important point is that you can easily train yourselves in such a wonderful way that there is a joyous secret that you will uncover about yourself each and every day.”

So my training has begun and after only a few days it is bearing fruit. Let me describe a couple of events today that demonstrate this.

Walking on a busy street I stepped aside to see how the renovations were coming on a local restaurant. In that moment I realized that stepping away from the other pedestrians and stopping was opening me to unexpected actions and at that moment a guy behind me said, “Watch out!”, as he rode his bicycle past me and over the curb onto the road. Oddly, I was not much fazed by this and after checking out the renovations, continued on my walk home.

Moments later, as I rounded the corner and entered the block where I live, I saw, way at the other end of the street, a glass-repair truck pulling out. Immediately I realized it could be a friend of a friend who I wanted to say ‘hi’ to, but at that distance I felt I couldn’t be sure, so I waited until he was right opposite me. He beeped the horn and I raised my hand and waved but realized he might not have seen me, so I turned and waved into his rear-view mirror as he drove away.

So what is the joyous secret I have discovered about myself? It is that I give myself fair warning when something comes up, along with causeless knowingness about what is happening, and the opportunity for course-corrections or course-augmentations as needed. Very cool.

I had not realized this about myself and it certainly is cause for joy. Now to pay attention and trust this joyous secret when it happens.

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