Your Participation Is Required


I had an odd thought just now. My participation is required by Source.

I was thinking about a man I saw on a street corner today who had a small growth on the side of his face. Nothing serious, I have similar ones myself which is why I recognized it. It’s sort of a spread-out skin tag or a kind of soft wart. (the body is capable of many extraordinary things… I think there is a Margaret Atwood book on bodily oddities)

What made me stop though, was my response to a funny vision that popped up about my body becoming one, huge, warty mass – a gigantic carbuncle. My mind sometimes plays with ideas and projects extreme images just for fun and to see where they may take us. This is where we encountered the big insight. The giant carbuncle was funny but it was not me. It couldn’t be me because it was too one dimensional and limited.

My enthusiastic participation is required for any embodiment to be realized and being a giant carbuncle was not going to fulfill my desires even for a moment. The body consciousness is here to serve these desires and without me and my desires guiding things, we got nothin’. In a curious way, this helped me realize the meaning and value of the present state of my body – and by extension my life.

The whole thing is about me. Based on my desires and the Divine opulences we inherit from Source; my body, this home, my dear friends, the neighbourhood, the city, country, world, galaxy… all require my participation to be.

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