This Dazzling Physical Reality (+audio)


A new flavour – caramel and sea salt

Apparently even a seasoned Soul can become bedazzled by the intensity of physical realities.

I’m not saying I’m a seasoned Soul, but just a few minutes ago I tasted a new flavour of Lindt chocolate bar. (And by ‘tasting’, I mean less than half of it remains.)

What happened was, as soon as I opened the wrapper, the smell intoxicated me completely. Immediately stuffing more than half the bar into my mouth was simply my spontaneous and unthinking response to this amazing sensation. (No shame, no guilt, no harm, no foul)

Now comes the good part. I had so much chocolate in my mouth that I was gasping for air a little bit, but the sensations just kept getting better and better. It was spectacular!

At one point, as I was mindlessly masticating this hot mouthful of sugar, chocolate, and salty caramel; time, free will, choice, all seemed to just stop. There was nothing I could think about doing. I was helpless in the face of this sensory onslaught.

In the Vedas they say that the tongue is the most powerful and potentially wayward sense. If we can control our tongue all the other senses will fall in line.

In the West we look elsewhere for the most powerful and wayward sense but I am inclined to side with the Vedas on this one. This experience was orgasmic, there are no two ways about it.

The rest of the bar is sitting in its open wrapper on the kitchen counter and I know it will be gone in the morning.

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