Assembling My Minions


“Cheek Biting!”, was my dentist’s response to my question about this sensitive topic. She and her assistant had a good chuckle and said nothing more about it.

Thing is though, cheek biting, or more problematic, tongue biting has been a real issue for me. When I am falling asleep, especially in certain positions we have learned to avoid, my jaw will sometimes spasm a little bit and if my tongue is in the way it gets bitten.

This is not life threatening but a sore tongue for several days can be fairly inconvenient and even irritating. So it was not a happy moment yesterday afternoon when I bit my tongue during my nap.

Needless to say this always totally wakes me up and this time I had a new thought. If I am writing the story of myself, why can’t we write a different story about this? So I thought about the minions.

I am sure most most of you are familiar with the minions that have stared in a few movies so far. They are those adorable yellow, one-eyed creatures who fall in love with fire hydrants.

In my imagination I pretended that many, many microscopic minions were answering my call and performing needed adjustments and renovations to the injury on my tongue. They were prodding and primping and taking out the garbage and generally doing whatever was needed to speed healing.

And they did it with all the humour and fun of the minions in the movies. They played with each other, and competed with each other, and played tricks on each other, and generally had a ball, meanwhile getting the job done.

After imagining this I drifted off and didn’t think of it again until today when I realized that there is almost no issue with the tongue. It is back to normal to where I don’t even think about it.

So I plan to call on my minions again soon. And they seem to enjoy helping out. This relationship could actually be kind of fun.

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