Wi-Fi Seems To Have Effectively Collapsed


It was never a reliable technology but lately it has been just ridiculous. For about a month now it has been more and more difficult to get a stable connection. In the last week it has become impossible. I can’t watch more than five minutes of a movie or show without the whole thing freezing on me.

We reboot the modem/router, we reboot the computer, we turn Wi-Fi  off and on. One or two of these might get us back online for another five minutes and then it freezes again. And we are paying for this service! Apparently even President Obama can’t get reliable Wi-Fi in some areas of the White House.

Why can’t computers – people – communicate freely and reliable with each other anywhere there is internet available? Why is this a problem? Assuming there are no political or Illuminati issues with this, my sincere request to the tech community is to fix it. And on behalf of everybody, thanks!

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