The Secret Life Of Thoughts


Hey Sabastian… nice to hear from you… and thanks for the interesting question…

Kris* actually specifically addressed your question tonight in the seminar on the Joy of Being (he must be reading over Serge’s shoulder).

I don’t have the transcript yet but paraphrasing (and filling the spaces with my own ideas)…

There is always a steady flow of thoughts within our awareness. We cannot change that, (nor would we want to, I’m thinking).

However, we can form a beautiful intention to invite certain KINDS of thoughts who’s natures fit with the directions and developments we desire to experience.

By focusing on these kinds of thoughts and not responding to other kinds of thoughts, we can start to change the patterns and frequencies of the kinds of thoughts we spontaneously entertain. (Thought are living beings and when focused upon tend to attract other similar thoughts.)

Other kinds of stray thoughts will aways find their way into our awareness because we live in a universe teeming with constantly emerging opportunities and possibilities, so it is very important to understand the power of our ability to either accept their influence upon us, or to ignore them.

The smorgasbord analogy works well here. There is nothing we can do to rid salad bars of fake bacon bits, but we don’t need to react negatively whenever we see them, and we don’t have to sprinkle them on OUR salad!

As to the idea that thoughts create feelings. It is sort of a chicken and egg thing. Thoughts and feelings co-exist and influence each other, but resonance is a better way to describe the relationship rather than causality. It very much depends on belief systems. Does thinking of winning the lottery make you happy because you believe it could be wonderful, or depressed because you believe it will never happen to you?

Causality is a tricky thing when we begin to make allowances for simultaneous time. Feelings and thoughts co-exist and are integrated with each other (and everything else) but one doesn’t cause the other.

Hope this helps… and let’s chat some more…

– – – – –

*More about Kris at

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