Focus And Concentration


So many of the channeled Sources and ‘dead guys’ talk about the ‘only main rule’ which is, “You get what you concentrate upon”. This comes to us from Seth but is almost certainly much older.

But what does it mean to concentrate on something? Elias has said it is not simply what is flowing through our conscious minds. That is the flotsam and jetsam of our daily mental meanderings and the subject of another post.

Another Source has said that what we are dealing with here is various different resonances and intensities of feelings. There is basically an infinite range of potentials and variations that we can sense and use to inform our choices in any given moment.

When we accept and sanction an idea, we resonate with its frequency and this increases the intensity of our feelings around that particular perspective.

With this idea and these feelings operating, we begin to direct and filter our perceptions according to their implied assumptions and expectations, often without this being a particularly conscious process.

So what we have accepted or agreed to as truths about who we are and how the universe works are what we are ‘concentrating upon’.

This is why it takes only a small shift in our understanding of these things to dramatically alter the kinds of realities we allow ourselves to create.

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