Relaxation vs Tension


Relaxation compared to tension.

Let’s assume up front that the body consciousness and the Universe know what they/we are doing and it’s all laid out before us in terms of fulfilling expressions effortlessly.

I know that’s a big assumption to make… but what if it’s not true?

What if the body consciousness has no idea what it’s doing and is just a mass of chemicals reacting, and the Universe is just random blips and pings as things mindlessly bump off each other.

If the first scenario seems more likely to us, then going with the flow and relaxing into that wonderful, supporting energy is a no-brainer.

If we believe the second idea about our situation here, it makes sense to tense up, contract our energy, and try to get some degree of control and protection.

Night and day, really.

And when we add to the equation that we each create our own reality with our beliefs, expectations and what we are concentrating on, a lot become clearer about the kinds of experiences we are having.

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