Revisiting Old Neighbourhoods


Lunch with my brother, his wife and their daughter yesterday brought massive insights. And it wasn’t even about the lunch, which was great.

I had chosen a hot new ramen joint fairly nearby and only had to take a 20 minute streetcar ride to get there. (College between Church and Bathurst for those interested)

Thing is though, this took me through parts of Toronto that had been my everyday haunts while at the UofT 40 years ago. All of these locals were vivid in my imagination because they were the site of formative and expansive explorations as a young man.

What shocked me somewhat though, was how much had changed! There were new buildings, new businesses and even a new name for one of the subway stations. (I think, it all began to get a bit blurry)

The massive insight for me was that while I had been carefully preserving these places in my imagination, almost like shrines, the actual locations had moved on! (Physicality may be a great teacher in that it moves on absolutely without any sentiment or regret)

New Project: Get on the streetcar and visit some old neighbourhoods and let the changes there merge with new understandings.

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