Creating With Verve And Finesse


Choosing thoughts with ‘finesse’ was a phrase that stuck out for me recently… Seth or Elias or one of the other helpful sources.

When an idea catches my attention it’s like a burr on my sock – to relive an image from my childhood of walking through brushy bramble with thick woollen socks and finding little prickly hitchhikers when I got home.

So what about choosing our thoughts with finesse? First of all, what about choosing our thoughts? For me, thoughts mostly seem to come unbidden. I often have thoughts that are certainly not of my choosing, according to my present understanding.

So the idea has been assumed here that we are able to choose our thoughts, something that is not always true in my experience.

But never mind, how about the idea of choosing thoughts with finesse? There is something very attractive to me about that.

What feelings does the word finesse give us? The feeling of skillful accomplishment is there, along with a feeling of personal style and a certain pleasurable verve and joie de vivre. A lovely word.

So this is a helpful peek into the attitude of a being calmly and happily creating it’s own reality… with verve and finesse.

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