Feets Don’t Fail Me Now


Listening to 70s and 80s music lately on my iPhone and getting some very interesting realizations.

I was never really into music the way my friends were when I was young. I enjoyed music, of course, but some of these guys (and gals) were nuts about music when I was growing up.

So it is fascinating to discover and realize how many ‘memes’ or idea-feeling packages that I am still experiencing today, have their roots in this old music.

For instance, I have privately used the phrase ‘feets don’t fail me now’ forever to express a certain feeling about getting away from some situation I had seen through and was finished with… (‘let’s kick this pop-stand’ was our coloquial equivalent at that time…)

So tonight I hear a song from the 70s, I think, and it’s in the chorus… “feet don’t fail me now!”. And this is only the latest example of the stuff I am recognizing from that period that is still an important part of my life today.

The other thing I noticed is that some of the lyrics of the songs are VERY shifty and in sync with the ideas we are returning to in 2016… Maybe we’re just an old hippy flower child in some ways.

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