Ubuntu? No You Buntu!


The Ubuntu are apparently a tribe in Africa who have this amazing world view or philosophy – “I am because we are”.

I am who I am, because We are who We are.

There is actually a movement inspired by this worldview facilitated I believe by Michael Tellinger called the Ubuntu Movement or something like that.

The idea is that we can have a society focused on cooperation rather than competition. Apparently we were sold a bill of goods when we accepted the Theory of Evolution and the Survival of the Fittest ideology.

Turns out this is nonsense and the basis of so-called evolution and all of life, in fact, is cooperation.

Competition results in duplicity, lying, and secrecy, which leads to envy and fear, and the most likely end-result is violence of some kind.

Imagine for a moment that your body was based on the idea of competition – that your heart was competing with your liver for the best share of blood and oxygen. Your brain was competing with the rest of your nervous system for the blood sugar and the oxygen.

To be fair here, there are times when I feel that this is something like what is happening, especially after a night out, but ultimately the body has to be based on cooperation or we would never get out of a chair.

So what about cooperating with all the parts of our bodies and all the parts of our Self to discover the most intriguing and delicious new possibilities, not just for us but that benefit everybody equally?

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