Just Write Something


It has suddenly occurred to me that writing may be the connection to Source I have been looking for (along with artwork which has always been there).

Sometimes, as now, we get the impulse to write something with only the sketchiest idea of what we will end up saying or where it’s going to go.

There is some magic in writing, as there is in speaking. We cheerfully begin a sentence with only an impulse to share and no real idea of what words we will end up using or how it will turn out. This is faith! But it almost always works.

Writing is very special too. Kris* has pointed out that the point of the pen is the interface between the inner intention to communicate and the outer material world – ink marks on paper – or lately pixels on the screen. A dear friend of mine swears by her ‘morning pages’ where she writes about appreciation and affirmation.

Writing is conscious creation happening before our eyes.

And we have not touched on the feeling that writing gives a person. There is something awesome and enticing about the opportunity – and responsibility – of choosing… the next word.

– – – – –

* http://lotus-mind.ca/

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