Discovering Noodles


Being a big fan of noodles in asian restaurants, it may seem surprising that only recently have I started using noodles in my own cooking.

I guess the trigger was seeing a bunch of noodles on sale at my local supermarket. We picked up one of each kind and put them in the cupboard.

The next time we were making soup, and coincidentally didn’t have a potato, I remembered the noodles and threw in a half a package of udon. The results were spectacular.

The noodles expanded a lot and became a major part of the soup, more than filling the place of a potato. The result was a very yummy soup full of slurpy satisfaction.

You know the noodles I am talking about… flat packages of dry noodles with an asian label… cheap too… maybe $1.50 a pack. And a quarter of a package is ample for a pot of soup, making it very affordable.

I have also found big, fat udon noodles that are shrink wrapped while still moist. These are fabulous in a stir-fry or any short-term application. The dry udon noodles are also great but need some simmering time.

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