Encounter On Church Street


It felt really good to have a couple of days off. Last week was pretty hectic at work and I wanted to just relax and drift for a day or two and catch my bearings.

Needing to restock the larder, I ventured onto Church Street on the way to the big Loblaws on Carlton and came upon a stout young man in very elaborate denim clothing with lots of visible tattoos.

He had stopped and was looking at me in a friendly way.“Hey, how’re you doing?”, he asked

“I’m doing great!”, I said, “How are you?

After suggesting we get together for some food and beer, my new acquaintance looked expectantly at me. I started to explain that I wasn’t looking for company and then noticed something.

The young gentleman had a fairly significant blob of snot hanging off the front of his sienna-tinted beard. He must have blown his nose recently, and anyone with a beard knows this activity has to be very carefully monitored.

Not wanting to offend him, but also not wanting him wandering up Church Street looking like this, I somehow, by the grace of God, found a way to tell him.

He immediately cleaned himself up and, smiling and starting to turn away, he offered me his tattooed fist.

I gave him a good fist-bump and carried on with my shopping expedition feeling curiously wonderful about the encounter.


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