A Play Within A Play


It struck me tonight as Kris talked about stories within stories within stories and how we were in fact the story and the story was us…

It struck me how Shakespeare used the play within a play to add depth to his creations. As people on stage started acting in a play, the other actors became the audience and the ‘real’ audience becomes something more than that.

What struck me was the idea that we can write or re-write our own stories and how this related to the play within a play. We can write a new little story for this very afternoon that fits into the grander story but also delivers us what we want to experience!

This reminds me of something from Seth, or maybe Bashar… the idea is that if Soul or Self wants to go down a hallway, we can kick and scream, or dance, or whatever, but we WILL go down that hallway.

On one level, which most of us are usually not privy to, we have written an amazing and compelling story that we find ourselves living in. And in exactly the same manner, we have the inborn knack of writing another story – within that broader story – about how we want to be perceiving and experiencing all that.

And heaven knows, within that story there are likely elements that then create stories of their own… the thing is basically endless, eh?

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