The Joy of Being


Thoughts on the Joy of Being

The new Kris workshop is entitled “The Joy Of Being*” and it looks like a great one. I am an unabashed fan of Kris’ and also of Serge Grandbois who channels Kris.

Serge asked me to check out how a new feature was working on his Kris Chronicles website. To test the feature I downloaded at ‘random’ a transcript called ‘The Joy Of Being’. The test worked fine and that was the end of that.

Or was it? With nothing else to do one day I started reading the transcript and found it to be full of great stuff and I mentioned this to Serge. He replied that I should feel free to quote from the session and the next Skype seminar would likely have the same name – The Joy Of Being.

A couple of weeks went by and I thought to go back to the transcript. I found a great quote that challenged the reader to devote five minutes a day to the joy of simply being.

I posted the quote and lots of people ‘liked’ it and the very next day Serge posted the details of the next seminar and it looks like everything I had hoped for.

My feeling? This could be a great one!

It reminds me of something Bashar said. He was talking about our authenticity and beingness…

“Ok, can you feel you leg? That means you exist. You have always existed and will always exist. You don’t know how to not exist…”

There are moments when it does strike me lately that it is quite cool to BE. And Bashar is right. I don’t know how to even think about NOT being, it is such a foreign concept.

All my experience and memories are about beingness and even though individual moments might have been tragic, in the grand scheme of things it IS joyful to realize that we ‘are’ and have always been and will always be.

– – – – –

*For more about this upcoming Skype seminar:

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