That Vitamin Movie


For about an hour and a half yesterday I turned into a sunburned lobster with pink skin and ‘prickly heat’ all over my body. This is called a niacin flush and it turned out to be uncomfortable but harmless – more about that later.

Just watched “That Vitamin Movie” and really enjoyed it. Learned a lot too.

The guy makes a really good case for using vitamins to help the body come back into balance. Apparently there is lots of good science and research to back this up but, for reasons we needn’t get into, almost all western doctors believe firmly in drugs and surgery as the best options.

For those who don’t mind a spoiler, I will describe the basic daily supplementation they recommend.

–  Saturation with Vitamin C (4 to 10 grams, and much more when sick)

–  Sufficient D3 (40 x bodyweight in kilos –  in IUs)

–  Saturation with Niacin-B3 (250-500 mg – to sub-flush levels)

–  Carotene from veggie juice (to sub orange-skin levels)

Apparently just making this change would revolutionize health care, meaning erasing the need for most of it. The movie suggests high doses of vitamin C to treat almost anything wrong with the body. One woman said it removed the lingering pain of her broken toe in one week of 12 grams a day.

So last night I got loads of vitamin C and B12 and a bottle of niacin, which I had never taken before. In fairness I must mention that the nice lady in the store suggested I get the kind that does not cause a flush – but the guy in the movie said he likes the flush – so I got the ordinary kind which was much cheaper (as always congratulating myself on pinching a penny against frippery).

Feeling quite chuffed to be starting my vitamin regimen, I took lots of C, a sub-lingual tablet of B12 and a single, 500 mg tablet of niacin, all on mostly an empty stomach. Well!

Within 15 minutes my skin was on fire from within. I got up and looked at myself in the mirror – pink as a lobster! Spontaneous combustion suddenly became a real possibility and I realized I could die. My whole body was tingling with what I now know, is called prickly heat.

Being a man of decisive action, I looked it up on the internet. After reading several pages confirming this reaction to niacin – including one that said that a vigorous flush was a sure thing if 500 mg was taken on an empty stomach – we finally came across the phrase, “uncomfortable but harmless.”

Knowing I was not about to die did wonders for my mood and eventually the sensation calmed down to a rather pleasant glow.

Today, of course, I went back and got the non-flushing kind, realizing that the extra cost was actually good value. (nothing beats personal experience… eh?)

I recommend this movie for anyone who wants to know about megavitamin therapy for basically whatever ails you, and orthomolecular science.

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Link to the movie:

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