Skinning Chickpeas Not Worth It


Somewhere in my travels on the inter-web someone was describing the preternatural smoothness of hummus made with chickpeas that have had their skins removed.

This memory came on strong as I was waking from a nap, and because I am focusing on responding to inner experiences, it became a project. It takes about ten minutes to squeeze the skins off a can of chickpeas – not very riveting perhaps, but easy to do.

Some of you may not even know that chickpeas have skins. It’s true, and the skin is more roughage than sweetmeat, if you get me. It’s that paper-like thing you find between your teeth after eating good hummus.

So anyway, I was putting the skinned chick peas back in the can and they only came about three quarters of the way up, so the skins represent a fair volume.

After making hummus in the usual way with these skinless beans it is clear that it IS smoother – almost another thing really – and really good!

Thing is though, I realized that the texture of hummus with the skins is actually very nice and it seems likely that the skin has nutritional value beyond mere roughage. So why take the time and trouble?

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