Eating Eggs


Eating eggs has emerged as a real possibility for a number of reasons.

Almost all supermarket eggs are sterile and would never produce a chick. This is not to say that laying hens are treated kindly. Often they are not.

The nutritional value of the egg is undeniable – gold standard protein and multiple vitamins and etc.

The issue seems to boil down to, are we okay with eating other beings – in whatever state they may be presented? Well, the reality of human life is that we utterly depend on consuming other life-forms as part of our being physical.

We cannot go very many hours or days without consuming organic nutrients and these always include various animal and vegetable parts.

In the Vedas they anticipate this problem and offer a sacrifice towards the end of life that asks forgiveness for all of these kinds of transgressions…

We are always allowed to express and experience ourselves – joyfully and innocently – within the present time and circumstances… and being appreciative and grateful for our lot catapults us into more…


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