Great Bear Constellation


Okay folks, today’s meditation may sound a bit like science fiction or fantasy – and I say yeah… it seems that way to me too!

After doing the induction I met the Spirit Bear in the park as usual. I recall looking at her and saying, “I don’t know who you are…”. She just looked back and I realized I was getting ahead of ourselves.

Then the bear leapt into the sky and I followed, discovering that I could fly in this environment. The bear took me up to the star clusters and struck a pose in the Ursis constellation.

I exclaimed, “Oh, this is your constellation, Ursa Major!”

And the bear asked me, “What is your constellation?”

After a moment’s thought and feeling a bit cheeky, I said, “They’re all mine!”

The bear started to walk off into the distance among the stars and I said, “I want to come with you…”

The bear turned around and said, “Follow me if you can…”

Then the bear went beneath somehow and started swimming in deep powerful currents that moved very fast. Eventually we came to a sort of crossroads where other currents met our own and we paused.

Suddenly the bear shot forward into a sort of swooping water slide and accelerated to the point where she burst into a bajillion pieces and disappeared.

Figuring, what the hell, I jumped into the current of energy and felt myself accelerating into an irrepressible burst of energy and everything disappeared.

I became aware of myself drifting out of a lovely velvet blackness with only the sound of  the bear’s voice in my mind…

“Well done.”

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