Connecting With My Inner Bear

bear2Connecting With My Inner Bear Totem

Over the last week or so I have been engaged in an amazing experiment.

Kris* recently suggested that we set aside some time every day to explore our connection to Source and he gave us some tools for doing that including a couple of guided meditations.

Always being game for an adventure in consciousness, I started doing the daily meditation. It seems only fair to mention here that this is after a period of several months of meditating on love and compassion and acceptance of Self.

Anyway, almost immediately I began to engage an aspect of Source/Self that I am calling a Spirit Bear. This wonderful animal friend showed up early on and has never left my inner explorations.

For instance yesterday we met in the gorgeous park where we usually get together and she spoke for only the second time, “Walk with me…”, as she moved off into the bushes.

Of course I followed and in moments we were in a dimly lit clearing in a forest. There was a pond or pool of water that was glowing and phosphorescent…

The bear jumped into the water and I followed and we fooled around for a while with the amazing glowing water. Then the bear dived deep and without hesitation I followed.

Down below I could see three grottos or doorways in the stone and the bear was swimming through the first one on the left. I followed.

What happened then was not visual but visceral and feeling. Some benign and friendly forces began to resonate and facilitate sorting out my body like they were straightening and fluffing up a duvet within the cover.

After a few moments these forces coalesced and formed a sort of glowing losange in the core of my body and I felt myself drifting out of the meditation.

On Kris’ suggestion I have researched the bear as a spirit animal or totem. The traits and characteristics of the bear totem are almost as accurate for me as the Vedic astrology reading I had done. Plus there are some qualities that bear (forgive me) more exploration.

Isn’t that always the way though? You finally think you have a handle on something and BOOM you get a totally new perspective on everything…

– – – – –

*Kris is a non-physical personality channeled through Serge Grandbois.

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