Allowing Connection To Source


We have been having a lot of fun lately with the idea of connecting to Source. What if we could have a real live connection to our own Whole Self?

For me, what exactly Source is a bit of an open question at this point but honestly, everybody who examines this realizes… We are always more than the sum of our parts. (quite considerably more in fact)

Consciousness cannot be contained because… it is the container! The whole universe of our experience is cradled in the loving, delicate embrace of Consciousness.

This is what makes our own ’40 acres’ of consciousness (awareness, experience and understanding) so precious and potent.

It is not just some external, unfeeling and anonymous world we are seeing before us, it is Our World!

As Kris* famously said, “The World is not about the World, it’s about You!”

For these reasons I have inaugurated a daily process and actual physical activity of sitting in meditation and inviting and allowing Self to engage.


*Kris is a non-physical personality channeled through Serge Grandbois.

One thought on “Allowing Connection To Source

  1. Just noticed that the face in the background of the illustration could easily be read as a bear. So the bear image appeared some days or a week or two before I encountered the Spirit Bear in my meditation. This is SO much like transcendental goings-on… Stuff happens before it actually appears and future events cause things to happen in the past… Very cool!


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