Each Personality Has Unique Beliefs


Each Personality Has Unique Beliefs

Powerful realization today about personality and beliefs.

Briefly… I have been putting on a bit of weight for various reasons and decided to change the story. What about health and vitality and slimness?

As I put this perspective into practice there emerged a new approach to food. I recalled the success we had enjoyed with the “Fit For Life” program in my youth. (lost 40 pounds in six months and never felt better)

So this morning, after only two days on the program I was looking in the mirror and noticing a difference.

Spontaneously I spoke out loud, “Wow, I must really believe in this program because I can already see the results!”

A little later I got to pondering this development and that was when the realization hit. By inviting another aspect of myself, I was allowing not only adjustments to my expressed personality, but to my beliefs!

Presently, I really do believe that the ‘Fit For Life’ program works… and so it does!

Each aspect of myself is not only a unique personality but engages a different belief structure. It occurs to me that this could be very helpful!

– – – – –

As we begin to understand that our personal experience of reality is the result of our beliefs and expectations, just so, we begin to attempt to adjust these things with our present understanding, and every bit of help we can garner for this noble enterprise is appreciated.

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