I Dream A New Dream


An Old Dog Learns To Dream A New Dream

Kris* has recently challenged us to think about our experience of life as a story – one that we are writing, acting and producing at every level. A lot of this creation goes on in ‘dreamtime’ that runs parallel, or even beneath our conscious sensory experiences.

Having seized on this idea and started putting things in motion around it, we are somewhat bemused, not to say gobsmacked, by recent developments.

It turns out that even just thinking about this idea – that our everyday experiences are the result of a story we are telling ourselves at some deeper level – even this kind of acknowledgement creates changes in our understanding. Because at those deeper layers we know it is all true.

The point here is to acknowledge the startling changes in my daily approach and associations and demeanour.

We have gone from somebody coping with ever mounting exigencies and making the best of a bad situation – to somebody looking around expectantly and wondering what irresistible opportunities might present themselves next.

Question – If you were actually writing the story of your life, what would the next chapter be? The next page, the next paragraph, the next word… ?

– – – – –
Kris is a non-physical personality channeled by Serge Grandbois.

2 thoughts on “I Dream A New Dream

  1. John…because you made the best of a bad situation you indeed created the best of situations. You continue to inspire me as I face a situation that requires me to make the best.


    • Thanks for your comment, Myrna.

      Kris continues to inspire me too! His upcoming workshop on the Joy Of Being looks very good.


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